Gold Pendant Featuring a Seleucid Silver Tetradrachm of Demetrius

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Circa: 145 BC to 39 BC


3″ (7.6cm) high




Eastern Mediterranean

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This genuine ancient coin has been set in an exquisite modern 22 karat gold pendant fashioned in the antique style.

From their capital at Antioch, the Seleucid dynasty ruled over a kingdom of wealth and luxury. Demetrius II was one of the most remarkable personalities in a remarkable age. His reign was divided by a ten year captivity in the Persian court. This exquisite coin dates from his second reign, wren the king took to wearing a beard in the Persian fashion. The opulent gold frame echoes the style and technique of Hellenistic gold work. In the palaces of ancient Antioch, such a jewel would have created a sensation. It will provoke a similar reaction wherever it is worn today.

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