Gold Earrings featuring two Roman Bronze Coins Of Emperor Constantius II

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337 AD to 361 AD




The Holy Land

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These bronze coins are set in 18 karat gold earrings.

Third son of Emperor Constantine the Great and Fausta, Constantius II was given the rank of Caesar at the age of seven. On the division of the Empire, following his father's death, he received all the eastern territories from Asia Minor to Cyrenaica, spending most his time repelling Persian aggression in northern Mesopotamia. Troubles in the West persuaded him to elevate his cousin Julian to the rank of Caesar in Gaul (355 A.D.). When Julian was proclaimed Augustus by his troops Constantius was forced to march against him, though only to die on the way in Cilicia. These two coins show him wearing a diadem looking right with the face of a young man who, nevertheless, was an excellent commander.

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