God The Father

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1800 AD to 1900 AD


44″ (111.8cm) high x 34″ (87 cm) wide





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The Almighty God Our Father seduces our senses and overwhelms our minds. He reverberates the ideal wisdom, compassion and majesty that was based on the current conception of early Christian art. The Church was well aware of the extraordinary capacity of visual images to influence human belief and behavior. “God” floats against a golden background that has captured the sparks of light from heaven. The glitter and glow, the intensity of expression in the eyes seems to scintillate from an inner source. Imagine the magic of the church space where this icon was once placed, the play of light and shadow from candles glowing, the scent of incense permeating the air, and the softly whispered prayers of those in search of salvation. In such a context one might easily feel our earthbound soul ascending straight to God.

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