Gandharan Schist Sculpture of Standing Maya Holding the Baby Buddha

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100 AD to 400 AD


21.5″ (54.6cm) high x 8.25″ (21.0cm) wide





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One of the most important icons in Buddhism is the figure of Queen Maya holding the baby Buddha. This particular figure has been executed from grey schist in the Classical style and that is due to what was left over from Alexander’s invasion in Afghanistan.

Her breast and belly still swollen from the birth of baby Buddha, Queen Maya stands with one leg bent and her heel razed. Her elaborate dress and jewelry denote her high level in society. Her ears hang long with bell shaped earrings, the crown of her head adorned with a beautiful tiara, and a necklace on her neck, her wrists and ankles are adorned with jewelry. One can feel her pride, happiness, and joy when noticing her peaceful gaze. The Mother Buddha lovingly holds the baby Buddha who smiles as he looks forward ready to begin his life’s journey. He is perched in his mother’s arm holding unto his sustenance, his mother’s breast in her right hand she holds the nourishment from the earth.

The wisdom of the ages is shown in this exquisite piece and is reflected in Queen Maya’s face, legend has it that in order for a person to give birth to an enlighten being, then they too must be enlightened.

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