Faience Garment Applique Pendant/Pin

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1500 BC to 700 BC


1.5″ (3.8cm) high





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Mounted in a stunning 18 karat gold pendant/ pin.

The material faience was invented in ancient Egypt in the pre-dynastic period. It is made of a white paste of powdered quartz, first shaped and then covered with a glaze, often of blue or green color but occasionally violet, white or yellow were also used. Throughout early history, faience was used in the near east in the production of a variety of objects. Here we see a delicate yellow faience conical disc that at one time functioned as an appliqué, adorning the garment of a stately Persian woman. The patina on the appliqué has tempered with time, resulting in a soft iridescent surface that shimmers as the light caresses its gentle curves; framed in a radiant gold pendant/pin, this ancient work of art can once again adorn the body of a stately woman, this time worn as a beautiful necklace or pin.

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