Emperor Theodosius I

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19th Century AD


28″ (71.1cm) high





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The icon is the epitome of symbolism and beauty, using a variety of techniques to glorify the subject matter. Delicately executed on wood panel with oil and gold, this icon depicts the Emperor Theodosius I (346-395AD) of the Byzantine Empire who was significant in the development of the alliance between church and state. Standing alone in an unadorned space, his attire is extremely rich in color and design, reminiscent of Greek Orthodox and Catholic styles. This richness parallels with the beautiful gold paneling behind him. His pose is also captivating, with his left hand holding a long wooden staff and a piece of white cloth, while his other hand is raised in the religious sign of peace. His pious yet serious expression conveys the message of his dedication to his faith. Enclosed in a classical arch and surrounded by the beauty of gold and architectural design, the icon begins to affect us, not only with its beauty but with its spirituality as well, opening up a new dimension in the world of religious art.

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