Elamite Bronze Idol

SKU FZ.074

1200 BC to 800 BC


4.75″ (12.1cm) high x 1.5″ (3.8cm) wide




Central Asia

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Elam was an ancient kingdom of Asia, situated north of the Persian Gulf and east of the Tigris River, and corresponding approximately to the present-day province of Khuzistan in Iran. The capital of Elam and its most fabled city was Sûsa, today the city of Shûsh. This powerful empire has been overshadowed in history by the rival kingdoms of Babylon and Assyria. However, their extraordinary metalwork survives to this day, a testament to the expertise of their craftsman.
Perhaps the conical base that supports this elegant little figure is meant to bring the idol closer to heaven. Perhaps it represents a mountain, or maybe it was designed to attract the attention of the god more immediately to this votive by lifting it above the gifts of others. Perhaps it was simply meant to hold the idol upright through the centuries, a task it has certainly fulfilled. The answer is lost in the shadows of time, but this cult object continues to lure us with a powerful aura that transcends definition. – (FZ.074)

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