Diamond Studded Gold Necklace Featuring a Pink Tourmaline Pendant and Two Roman Silver Denarii

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98 AD to 138 AD




Coin Found in Sebastia, Samaria

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This 18 karat gold necklace features as a central pendant a pink tourmaline gemstone from Afghanistan carved into the form of a woman's head. The pendant is flanked by two genuine Ancient Roman silver denarii of Emperor Hadrian. The necklace has been set with 342 genuine diamonds weighing a total of 8.42 carats and a genuine cabochon ruby.

The beautiful woman whose image adorns this dramatic necklace evokes Venus, classical goddess of love. Set between coins of two roman emperors, she recalls the splendor of the ancient world in a totally contemporary fashion. In any of the great capitals of antiquity–in Alexandria, in Rome, or Persepolis– this dazzling jewel would have created a sensation. In our time, it will do no less. A treasure unlike any other in the world, destined to adorn someone who also fits that description.

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