Cypriot red Slip-Ware amphora

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1900 BC to 1500 BC





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As early as 2,500 B.C. a civilization capable of producing the gorgeous amphora such as one exhibited here flourished upon the isle of Cyprus. The beautiful symmetry of the bowl, the elegant strength of its handles, and the firm and meticulous outturning of its lip demonstrate the utter mastery of the potter. The deep orange- red of the piece is given luster by a process of repeated burnishing, and create a dramatic setting for the riotous incised markings thereupon. The whorls and jagged peaks of this amphora give it an unobtrusive aesthetic presence. To see a storage house full of such wonderful objects must’ve been more than a vision of prosperity. The rarity of Cypriot art has made it a truly sought after commodity. The quality and perfect execution of this piece make it an even more unusual piece than its origin alone suggests. To be in the presence of such great art, is to see one of the earliest thriving civilizations of the Mediterranean. – (LO.1281)

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