Copador Style Mayan Ceramic Polychrome Cylinder Vase

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550 AD to 950 AD


8.25″ (21.0cm) high





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Much of Mayan art was dedicated to the glorification of their great kings, priests, and gods and to their remarkable concept of time. Although some of the specific iconographic meanings are still somewhat ambiguous in Mayan art, much is known about the artistic techniques of the Mayan craftsmen. This extraordinary polychrome cylinder vase reveals the characteristic pictorial techniques used by the artists. Brushes, much like those of the Chinese, were used for the line work in painting as well as writing. In fact, the stunning calligraphic line work on this Mayan vessel clearly rivals that of the Chinese as a model of one of the world's greatest calligraphic traditions. The spontaneity of execution and the lyrical rhythm of the lines and characters are remarkable. The Mayan artist’s sensitivity to the boundaries of the pictorial field is also impressive in this vase, for glyphic bands artistically frame the painted figural composition. These framing bands not only perform a stylistic function but also, through their glyphic language, become harbingers of information. Although the specific meaning of the glyphs may be unclear to us, the communicative power on an aesthetic level is quiet compelling. Clearly, the artworks of the Maya stand as a testament to a culture whose sensibilities are ageless in their ability to enthrall us. HT. 21cm(8 1/4IN) : DIAM. 20.3cm(8IN)

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