Classical Revival Gold Necklace with a Coin Pendant

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18th Century AD to 19th Century AD





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This gold necklace and coin pendant date back to the Classical Revival period, although they are modeled after ancient jewelry and coinage.

The intricate craftsmanship of this stunning gold coin pendant and necklace aspires to recreate the glories of antiquity. Created during the Classical Revival, a period where modern Europe looked towards the past and reinterpreted the ancient forms of Greece and Rome anew. This trend was the product of a heightened comprehension and increased awareness of the treasures of the past derived from excavations in the new scientific field of archaeology. Perhaps the Classical Revival also reveals a latent longing towards the Arcadian lifestyles of yesterday abandoned as Europe rapidly industrialized and urbanized. Thus, the gold of this necklace becomes even more spectacular. The centerpiece of the pendant is a gold coin imitating the style of those minted under Severan dynasty that ruled Ancient Rome. As the world changes, doubt and fears over the future forced some to look towards the simpler times of antiquity for security and inspiration. The lasting popularity of the Revival is surely also influenced by the creation of a new class of noveau riche aristocrats attempting to connect with the language and style of wealth and the elegant aura of Greece and Rome. A woman wearing this necklace evokes both the image of a Roman priestess in a toga and a Victorian princess in an evening gown. Overall, this necklace demonstrates that the timeless beauty of a classic never goes out of style.

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