Christ Pantocrater

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18 th Century AD to 19 th Century AD


21″ high (53 cm) x 15″ wide (38 cm)





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Inseparable from the liturgical tradition, religious art is seen by Orthodox Christians as a form of pictorial confession of faith and a channel of religious experience. Because the icons provide direct personal contact with the holy persons represented on them, these images were objects of veneration, in either a public or private setting, and were even believed to have the ability to heal.

This icon is a representation of Christ Pantocrator, the awesome ruler of the universe. He holds a book inscribed in Cyrillic text, probably the Bible, in his left hand, a testament to his redemption. With his right hand, he makes a sign of benediction, blessing us. A large golden halo surrounds his head, evidence of his divinity. Stylistically, much of the painting is derived from earlier Byzantine mosaics and paintings, typical of Orthodox art. This influence can be seen in the linear, angular folds of his drapery and the relative spatial isolation of the image without any elaboration of environment or setting. Most impressive is the intricate, stylized representation of the folds of his garments, directly derived from the Byzantine style. Precious gemstones have been woven into the cuffs and collar of his robe, revealing his majesty.

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