Ceramic Incense Burner

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500 AD to 1000 AD


26.5″ (67.3cm) high




Costa Rica

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In the Central Highlands of Costa Rica during this period there was an emphasis on modeling and appliqué techniques in ceramic work. The artist who created this magnificent object certainly utilized great skill and imagination. It is composed of two separate sections. The base is a beautifully formed jaguar. He is the essence of strength, fierceness and cunning. Considerable talent was required to model this fine animal. It is perfectly balanced with its tail curving upwards and over its back for support. The middle section lifts as a lid where the incense was placed. On its crown is an extraordinary alligator. Its features are highly abstract; yet retain an almost unnerving realism. The entire object is like a temple, with an aura of mystery and magic. Imagine smoke from incense rising like a jungle mist, interweaving amidst its intricate designs. Spectacular today as it must have been a thousand years ago!

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