Bronze Sestertius of Roman Emperor Trajan

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98 AD to 117 AD


1.25″ high




Hebron, Israel

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Mounted in a stunning 18 karat gold pendant set with 23 radiant, fully-cut diamonds weighing a total of 0.33 carat and one brilliant ruby weighing 0.93 carat.

Marcus Ulpius Trajanus was born in Italica in Spain about 52 A.D. He held several important military posts and was eventually appointed governor of upper Germany by Nerva, who later adopted him as heir to the throne. Upon his succession, Trajan expanded the roman territory, successfully undertaking the conquest of Dacia. The famous column which was erected to commemorate Trajan’s Dacian wars still stands in Rome. He also carried out a spectacular building program in Rome while at the same time constructing and repairing many roads, bridges and aqueducts throughout the empire. In 113 A.D. He set out to annex both Armenia and Mesopotamia. He achieved considerable success in his Easter campaigns adding four new provinces to the empire. At this point, revolts broke out in a number of provinces and Trajan w as forced to return home. However, he was never to make it back to Rome for he died in Cilicia in august, 117 A.D. The reign of Trajan is generally thought of as the true beginning of Rome’s golden age. To wear this extraordinary gold pendant is to carry on the legacy of the golden age of Rome–the pendant's radiant beauty a reminder of the radiance of an ancient time.

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