Bronze seated Buddha

SKU RP.045

1800 AD to 1900 AD


56″ (142.2cm) high x 39″ (99.1cm) wide





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S Korea


A mudra in a Buddha statue is a symbolic body posture or ritual finger gesture, holding a special meaning and commemorating an important moment in the Buddha’s life; one of the most common and popular mudras in Buddha statues is the Bhumisparsa mudra, the earth touching gesture, which symbolises the moment of his attaining enlightenment witnessed by the earth goddess. A powerful artistic manifestation with a graceful flow of positive energy in appeasing our aesthetic sense, this imposing statue represents the Buddha clothed in a simple monk’s long robe with billowing folds of fabric, seated in profound reflection and meditation, with the finger-tips of the right hand touching the earth, the left hand in the dhyana mudra of meditation, a smooth hairline, traditional elongated earlobes and an bulb-shaped ushnisha. His face is serene with arched eyebrows and eyes downcast in contemplation.

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