Bronze Jug

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14th Century AD to 15th Century AD


4.9″ (12.4cm) high




Central Asia

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Jug with a dragon handle, cast bronze. Globularbody, resting on a low foot-ring, short cylindrical neck which has a collar at its lower end a rolled rim on top. An elegant “dragon-shaped” handle is attached. Iran, Khorasan, probably Herat, lat Ilkhanid or early Timurid period, 14th century. Remarks: This ewer may be a prototype of the later brass dragon handled ewers which were made at Herat in Timurid times and later on in India. Prof. Geza Fehervari Prof. Geoffrey King JB1344 TIMURID DRAGON-HANDLED JUG, CENTRAL ASIA, LATE 14TH- EARLY 15TH CENTURY ACE Beautifully cast bronze jug; of squat, globular form standing upon short footring; tall, vertical sided mouth rises up from torus moulding at shoulders through to everted rim; undulated handle in form of a dragon. A superb, glossy, variegated patina over whole. Dragon-handled, pot-bellied drinking cups were a feature of the Herat school in Afghanistan under the Timurids, a Turkic-Mongol dynasty that came to eminence in ACE 1307, presiding over a realm that comprised modern-day Iran, the Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Afghanistan and much of Central Asia. Prof. Geza Fehervari Prof. Geoffrey King

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