Bronze Figure of Veerabhadra

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1800 AD to 1900 AD


6.5″ (16.5cm) high x 4.1″ (10.4cm) wide





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This elegant piece is a representation of the legendary Hindu warrior, Verabadra. As befits a warrior, he is extensively armed, with a bow, sword, dagger and various other items in his four hands and thrust into his belt. His status is indicated by the extensive jewellery and adornment of his clothes. The piece has been extensively worn through usage over two centuries.

The mythology surrounding Veerabhadra is complex, and celebrated by the dancers of the famed Veeragaase dance. It details how Shiva’s wife Dakshayini tried to bring together her husband and her father (Daksha), who has not approved of the match. She went to a yagna sacrificial festival held by her father – to which Shiva has not been invited – and pleaded for him, but was insulted by Daksha. She was unable to take the shame of the insults and hurled herself into the sacrificial fire. Shiva, upon hearing the news, furiously danced the Tandava dance, until a drop of his sweat fell into the fire and spawned the warrior Veerabhadra, who promptly killed Daksha. However, his life was restored when his wife pleaded mercy, although when he returned,he had the head of a goat.

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