Bronze Figure of Rama

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1700 AD to 1800 AD


4.3″ (10.9cm) high x 1.8″ (4.6cm) wide





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This striking figure appears to be a representation of Rama, despite the rather feminine body-shape. The piece is made using the traditional lost-wax method, on an ornate pedestal base that indicates a southern Indian origin. The figure is standing in a relaxed pose, with one knee flexed as he leans on a long club. The other holds either a truncated bow or a sword. The cloth with which he is clad is richly detailed, as is the jewellery surrounding neck and wrists. Condition and patination are excellent.

Rama is a heroic god-king of Hindu mythology, and is also the avatar of Vishnu. He is accredited with a number of noble deeds involving the value of honour and true mettle under oppression. He was married to Sita, who is generally considered to be the embodiment of perfect womanhood. Following a voluntary exile – in defence of his fathers honour – she was kidnapped by the malevolent Rakhsa monarch, Ravana, resulting in an enormous war where the miscreant was slain by Rama and Sita rescued. His triumphant return to his place of coronation led to an 11,000-year era of prosperity and peace known as the Rama Raiya.

This is an elegant piece of Indian bronze-casting.

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