Earrings featuring Bronze Coins of Emperor Constantine I

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306 AD to 337 AD


Bronze, Gold


Holy Land

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These bronze coins are set in an 18 Karat gold earrings

It can be said of a few men in history that they were born to the purple, and Constantine I was definitely one of those rare men. Born of Constantius I and Helena, he was tribune at the court of Diocletian. He fought along side Galerius against Persia (A.D.228) and when Diocletian abdicated Constantine hastened to Britain to join his father, and later to be proclaimed Augustus. By virtue of his great courage, savvy judgment and quick mind, Constantine defeated all opponents, was welcomed by the Roman senate as liberator, and soon became master of the Roman world. These special coins were commemorative issues minted to celebrate Constantine's founding of Constantinople (A.D.324) on the site of Byzantium. They show the goddess Constantino polis wearing the imperial mantle and holding a scepter. On the reverse Victory stands with her foot on a prow, holding a scepter and leaning on a shield. The person who wears these earrings can do so proudly, knowing the coins were part of a great empire ruled by a great man during an exciting period in history.

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