British Five Pound Gold Coin of Queen Victoria

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1887 AD





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Obverse: Bust of the Queen Facing Left

Reverse: St. George Slaying the Dragon

Victoria assumed the throne in 1837, beginning a 64-year reign that would become known as “The Victorian Age.” Three gold sovereign types were minted during her lengthy rule, depicting her in three stages: as a young girl, a middle-aged woman, and an old and very regal lady. She died at age 81, and her 59-year-old son, Edward VII, became king in 1902. To celebrate the year of her jubilee, Queen Victoria has a series of commemorative coins issued. These silver and gold coins featured a new jubilee portrait of the Queen, designed by the engraver Joseph Edgar Boehm, which was employed from 1887 to 1893. The engraver’s initials, J.E.B., appear on the truncation below the bust. The reverse features Benedetto Pistrucci's inspired portrayal of Saint George slaying the dragon, originally used on the gold sovereign from the major recoinage of 1817 under George III. This reverse type is fairly unusual due to the absence of inscription. Today, gold soveriegns continue to have a strong appeal among coin collectors worldwide.

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