Bobo Male Wooden Figure

SKU PF.9986

20th Century AD


30″ high (76.20 cm)




Mali/Burkina Faso

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In the literature on African art they are often called the Bobo-Fing, but they call themselves Bobo. The Bobo people have lived in western Burkina Faso and Mali for centuries. They are known for their masks which are worn with elaborate outfits for celebrations. Primarily agricultural people they also cultivate cotton which they use to trade with others. The main goal of Bobo culture is to restore balanced nature which man inherently destroys. The order is mainly restored through sacrifices and ceremonies. The primary god of the Bobo is Wuro who is responsible for ordering the land. The second god is Dwo who is revealed during masking ceremonies. Dwo chooses to live in a mask until worn, when his spirit is caught up in the spirit of the wearer who is then able to communicate to others Dwo’s will.

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