Bassa Wooden Sculpture of a Woman

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20th Century AD


39″ (99.1cm) high x 11.5″ (29.2cm) wide





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Exaggerated facial features, thick limbs, and intricate scarification are prominent elements of this sculpture. The large head has deeply sunken eyes and checkerboard scarification on the extended upper portion of the cheek. This pattern of design continues in a broad grooved band down the center of the bulging forehead and flat nose. The thick mouth is open exposing some teeth, connected at the corners by a double band curving to the edge of the eyes. Three coiled, striated bands, like tubes, compose the coiffure, starting just beyond the ears and reaching to the back of the neck. There is ornamentation covering the tubular breasts, a circular pattern around the extended navel and a detailed geometric arrangement on the back. Bassa figures are carved to honor certain individuals, and are expressions of dignity and beauty.

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