Basalt Trophy Head

SKU PF.3634

500 AD to 1000 AD


10.5″ (26.7cm) high x 10.25″ (26.0cm) wide x 10.25″ (26.0cm) depth




Costa Rica

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The head is basically oval in shape with the chin slightly squared off, and the cap forming a peak. A low encircling ridge marks the division for the tight fitting cap, with its intricate pattern resembling woven fabric. The eyes are coffee- bean shape giving the impression of both eternal repose and sly watchfulness. An interesting feature is the four ‘pellets’ in a vertical row on the inside of the ears. This was probably intended to suggest earspools, or possibly the mutilation of the outer ear for decoration. Such trophy heads found in tombs were placed there as part of a great warrior’s essential furnishings for the after-life. However, they may have been part of the household items in the homes of the few noblemen who could afford them.

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