Basalt Sculpture Of Standing Warrior

SKU PF.4341

500 AD to 1000 AD


27.5″ (69.9cm) high




Costa Rica

Gallery Location

S Korea


Suddenly, a monumental figure appears, as if from a distant and mysterious realm. A naked warrior, with only a finely carved waistband, powerful as the material from which he is made. His upraised hand is menacing, holding an axe high, used to battle an enemy who now rests comfortably in the right hand. There is enormous prided in every aspect of this profound piece- from the sensitive tattooing on the sides of his legs, to the detailed braiding of his hair. One can sense the female presence, the women who may have helped adorn him. We can feel their admiration of him as a warrior. He is massive as a monument, towering above the clouds, confronting and challenging our modern conceptions, yet with his feet firmly planted on mother earth. He maintains for eternity and uncompromising stance and stirs something in us- the will to confront all odds and stand our ground against any opposition.

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