Basalt Sculpture of a Standing Man

SKU PF.4234

500 AD to 1000 AD


11.75″ (29.8cm) high




Costa Rica

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This fantastic stoic man captures our attention immediately. He stands proud and assured to his audience of onlookers. Though the anatomy is simple, musculature is shown with carving along the chest area, right into the gray, volcanic stone. He is holding onto two rattles. The shape of the object also serves as the curvature of his breastbone. This fabulous musician holds rattles with enlarged, rounded tops in each hand. His face is tilted slightly upwards and his features are solid and pronounced. His head is adorned with a cap that is a trait of regional identity amongst tribes. This sculpture combines the powerful forces of artistic ingenuity with ritual imagery. The entire composition is rhythmical without hearing the music. Such an extraordinary depiction certainly belongs to a person of high rank and authority in society. As a whole, the statue successfully captivates his audience with intrigue, while still maintaining the grace and elegance of a work of art.

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