Basalt Kneeling Male Figure

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1000 AD to 1500 AD


36.5″ (92.7cm) high




Costa Rica

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S Korea


Expertly carved from a single piece of volcanic rock with only the use of stone and wood tools plus abrasives, this potent male figure is a brilliant example of the Pre-Columbian sculptural skills of the ancient artisans from Costa Rica. Here we see the figure in an animated posture, kneeling on his right leg with the right hand resting on his knee. At the same time his left hand is posed on the other knee, holding a cup. Perhaps he is in a ritual pose, offering a cup of libations to his venerable gods. Whatever his purpose, this figure clearly demonstrates a commanding presence, full of an energy that is as vigorous now as it was centuries ago when the Costa Rican artist released his spirit from the ancient volcanic stone.

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