Basalt Figure of a Woman Giving Birth

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500 AD to 1000 AD


13.75″ (34.9cm) high




Costa Rica

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S Korea


Procreation is the fundamental force of life. Its power is both physically and emotionally overwhelming and laced with mystery. When one comes across the representation of a woman giving birth alone, this emotion is amplified ten fold. The concept of a woman giving birth without assistance is incredible to conceive of in a modern society; yet necessity has often required such acts of strength and determination. This woman of Ancient Costa Rica must have struggled hard simply to survive in a harsh environment, and she must fight even harder for her child. This resolution is visible on her deftly carved face, a face filled with emotion and anguish. As she pulls the child into the world, the pain intensifies, increasing with every movement. Though the child is small, it must remain strong to survive. The volcanic stone is an embodiment of the strength this noble woman possesses. She exudes a powerful emotion in her distress, yet at the same time an exemplary determination. The simplicity of the sculpture and lack of ornamentation adds elegance and power to the figure. Can we imagine the emotion and feeling of such an act? Is such fortitude and courage conceivable? Clearly it can be, we just need to be willing and embrace the emotion with an open heart and mind.

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