Atlantic Watershed Basalt Trophy Head

SKU PF.2905

500 AD to 1000 AD


9.25″ (23.5cm) high x 7.375″ (18.7cm) wide x 7.625″ (19.4cm) depth




Eastern Coast of Costa Rica

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A broad, long nose with flared nostrils provides the “structural” balance of the face. The coffee- bean eyes are close set, the lips pursed, ears nicely modeled with a circular ‘knob’ in relief to suggest the ear passage, or perhaps indicating earspools. A handsome cap composed of an intricate pattern cleverly gives the impression of woven fabric. Such heads as this were made as permanent symbols of a warrior’s prowess in battle, who in their own otherworldly journey, wished to take with them reminders of those they conquered. In stark contrast to the brutality of war, the sculptor has here given defeat an expression of serenity and peaceful repose.

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