Archangel Michael with Four Saints

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1750 AD to 1900 AD


14″ (35.6cm) high x 11.75″ (29.8cm) wide





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This exquisite icon is an embodiment of the pictorial tradition of early Russian medieval art. Four Russian saints are positioned in pairs on either side of the Archangel Michael, who holds a cloth with the portrait of Christ. At far left is Saint Theodore with a cross looking in the direction of the angel. Next to him Saint Modest, dressed in a beautiful red robe, holds the Holy book while offering his blessings. He was a patriarch of Jerusalem and regarded as a protector of cattle from disease. On Michael's left is the venerable Saint Vasiley also holding the sacred book with both hands. The youthful Saint Laurus looks upon the holy gathering with a slightly quizzical expression, and carries a small cross with his right hand. He is traditionally associated with the Archangel Michael, who taught both he and his brother Florus the art of riding. Interesting perspective is given with a finely painted horse and rider in the foreground as they approach a group of three horses quietly drinking at a pool. This gentle genre scene contrasts beautifully with the “heavenly” scene above, merging the real with the spiritual in a way that is both charming and moving.

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