Apulian Red-Figured Pelike

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370 BC to 350 BC


14.875″ (37.8cm) high





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S Korea


The obverse with a female figure seated in the center, a himation wrapped around her waist exposing her upper torso, her head turned back, looking at a nude youth behind her, the youth leaning on a walking stick with his left arm and holding a floral wreath in his right hand, a fillet in his hair, to the right a female figure wearing a chiton, holding a fan in her right hand, branches in the field; the reverse with a nude youth seated on his mantle and holding a palm branch in his right hand and a white kantharos in his left,before him a woman wearing a chiton,holding a white oinochoe in her right hand, balancing a large cista on her left, a tendril in the field; a band of meander and saltire squares below the scenes, a band of palmettes and ovolo on the neck on the obverse and a band of laurel on the neck on the reverse below handles, details in added white

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