Apulian Red-Figure Krater

SKU AM.0024

400 BC to 300 BC


11.25″ (28.6cm) high





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S Korea


The obverse of this animated krater depicts a standing draped female, holding a wineskin in her outstretched left hand. A pestering satyr stands to the right with his body turned away from the female, as if repelled by the object in her hand. His left hand is held across his chest, while his right is outstretched towards the female, running parallel with the direction of his right leg. The female’s outstretched left arm also runs in parallel to this leg producing a wonderfully balanced composition.

The reverse shows two draped young men facing one another, separated by a staff held by the figure to the viewer’s left. A laurel motif encircles the krater beneath the rim, whilst a meander motif runs in a band beneath the figures

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