Apulian Red-Figure Bell Krater

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400 BC – 300 BC


15.2″ (38.6cm) high





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S Korea


On the obverse of the krater a naked male figure wearing chlamys and a band around his head, turns towards a draped female figure with a sakkos covering her hair. The male carries a laurel branch in his right hand and a phiale on his left. The female carries a garland in her right hand and a sprig of laurel decorated by ribbons in her left. The atmosphere is festive and celebratory. Both figures are flanked by palmettes on either side, whilst a laurel motif adorns the band beneath the rim. A register with a meander motif frames the lower part of the scene. The reverse depicts two young and heavily draped male figures, both carrying staffs and facing each other. Votive stelae feature on the background.

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