18 Karat White Gold Pendant Featuring a Byzantine Bronze Cross

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500 AD to 900 AD


2″ (5.1cm) high




Eastern Mediterranean

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This Genuine Ancient Bronze Cross Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat White Gold Pendant.

Though the cross is one of the simplest of forms, it is probably the most poignant. For Christians and non-Christians alike, the cross is synonymous with Jesus Christ. The fact that an instrument of death was turned into a symbol of spiritual rebirth is amazing in itself. This is especially true for the faithful, and the Byzantine age was certainly one of fervent piety and extreme fanaticism. In terms of religious expression, this lovely cross falls into the category of gentle piousness and deep devotion. This cross is very personal and intimate. Though worn publicly it does not shout its creed, but proclaims the wearer is sharing the quiet joys of faith while basking in the fine luxury of the spectacular setting.

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