Jewelry Collection

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present the Barakat Collection of Jewelry. Each piece is a unique legacy from the past, a little part of History placed in beautiful contemporary settings that transcend time. Jewelry is often thought to be one of Life’s luxuries, but who can imagine the World without it? The love of ornament is as old as civilization itself. Througnout history, men and women have adorned themselves with rare and costly treasures to make a statement about their place in society. Primitive man wore the teeth and claws of wild beasts to prove that he was brave; Cleopatra dissolved a priceless pearl in wine to show her love for Marc Antony; and what few kings and queens remain today still appear on state occasions arrayed in glittering splendor. But the most common and the best reason for wearing jewelry is that it feels good. It enhances our appearance and sets us apart from the crowd. The jewelry we choose helps define us as individuals. When we adorn our necks, ears or hands with precious things we feel better about ourselves, somehow enriched, more self-confident and more attractive. These are internal emotions to be sure, qualities we must find within ourselves, but jewelry helps draw them out and brings them radiantly to the surface.

We have created our Jewelry Collection to satisfy more than the need for beauty, however. We also wish to stir the imagination, to inspire dreams and spark fantasies in the minds of the people who wear these designs. At the center of every piece is a story, perhaps unknown or elusive, but there nonetheless, waiting to be told. Every artifact featured has been shaped, touched, used, admired and even loved by people now forgotten. Coins have purchased goods and paid dues, amulets and talismans have cast their mysterious spells, jeweled gifts have been given, tokens of affection offered, and all the while mighty Empires have come and gone and civilization somehow survives. These simple treasures may be the only clues to vanished lives, and if we are sensitive to their energy, their aura of cumulative experience, then they can act like tickets on a time machine, transporting us magically back-ward into worlds other than our own. When we hold an artifact created during the lifetime of Alexander, or Hadrian, or Christ, we become in some small way a part of that era when someone else first held it and witnessed history as it happened. An understanding of the Past, I believe, gives renewed hope for the Future.

Our Collection draws together these two powerful currents, the love of beauty and the love of Antiquity in jewelry of Classic good taste. Whether worn formally or casually, their appeal is timeless because the objects speak directly to the Romantic in all of us. When we keep them close about us, we contribute our own chapter to their long and fascinating story.