Decorative Art

Traditionally the Decorative arts are objects that are designed to work within a space, and because they are essentially created to be functional, they generally do not fall into the ‘Fine Arts’ category of painting, drawing, and sculpture. This distinction between the Decorative arts and the Fine arts most closely applies to Western art whereas in most other cultures the line between the mediums is heavily blurred.  Objects for adoration can also be functional and utilitarian objects can also hold their own spiritual meaning.  However, for the purposes of our gallery and the Barakat Collection of art, the term “Decorative Arts” applies to anything that is not categorically “ancient.”  Thus, in this section you will find all sorts of art from paintings, to furnishings, to sculptures, and pottery which could plausibly be considered fine art under everyday circumstances.  But for our purposes, and for ease of viewing, we have taken objects in the collection which do not fall into a distinct tradition of ancient art, and generally come from the 17th century or later and put them into the “Decorative Arts” category.  Everything from exquistie Classical Revival marbles, to Faberge style eggs, to decorative replica bronzes from Africa can be found here.