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  • May 25, 2016
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New Arrivals: Pre-Columbian Jade

The exquisite beauty and incredible strength of jade resulted in the belief by numerous Pre-Columbian cultures that this remarkable stone had qualities of both power and magic. Crafted by expert artists, this extraordinary medium was used for the creation of spirited works of art–objects that gave substance to myth and its symbolic language. Also prized for its durability and color, jade symbolized life-giving water and vegetation, and represented lightening and rain. Its symbolic beauty imbued every figure and ornament with supernatural strength and importance. Discover the brilliance of ancient jade carving from the Americas through the Barakat Collection and the artworks below.

Of special note is a magnificent and rare Guanacaste-Nicoya Offering Bowl in the Form of a Double Headed Bird. It’s delightful effigies and unique form make it a truly wonderful center piece for any comprehensive collection of Pre-Columbian jade. Also featured in this offering is a stunning Olmec Jade Celt depicting a Were-Jaguar. Fashioned in brilliant dark green stone and masterfully executed this little masterpiece of Olmec art is undoubtedly a timeless treasure for the collector and aesthete alike. Preview the selections below and visit the Costa Rican and Olmec Art galleries for more detailed information.

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