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  • Feb 02, 2016
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New Arrivals: Ancient Glass

The passage of centuries has graced us with these splendid objects… aglow with iridescence, making it look as if they were carved from a rare gemstone. The elegant purity of their shape appeals to the modern eye as much as it would have pleased the ancient, proving that classical beauty never goes out of fashion. In the world of terracotta vessels, marble sculpture, and bronze adornment that was the Classical world, no material was prized so much as glass. The material itself was rare, and the process of its forging so laborious, that few artisans took the time necessary to develop the skill. Best of all for the modern day collector these magical and mysterious time capsules full of astonishing lustrous beauty are often much less expensive than their classical counterparts. The Barakat Gallery encourages you to browse through our galleries of this rare and wonderful treasure and see for yourself… that owning a masterwork from antiquity is easier than one may think.

Browse through the examples below or view the entire selection HERE

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