Grand Opening VIP Event: Barakat Seoul
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  • Oct 31, 2016
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Grand Opening VIP Event: Barakat Seoul

Monday October 10th, 2016 6pm – 9pm

Grand Opening VIP Event: Barakat Seoul Press Release

Barakat Gallery, the world’s most prominent gallery of ancient art has expanded to South Korea

· Opening in Samcheong-dong – the art center of Seoul, the Barakat Gallery proudly features a unique collection of museum quality ancient works of art from all periods of history

. An integrative space of ancient and contemporary times, this site of artistic experimentation raises a new generation of culture by promoting a smart and innovative practice for collecting art

[Seoul, September 30th, 2016] The internationally renowned Barakat Gallery, with over 150 years of tradition and established galleries in London, Beverly Hills and Abu Dhabi is now opening their 4th branch on the 11th of October in Seoul, South Korea.

Barakat Seoul will permanently host selections from the Barakat Collection, which houses tens of thousands of museum quality items of ancient art.

Park So-hyun, chief curator of Barakat Seoul, states, “Barakat Seoul is an exhibition space in pursuit of artistic diversity, cultural innovation, creative advancement and aesthetic harmony. The gallery will present contemporary Art Exhibitions that transcend time, while dynamically displaying an incredible selection of ancient art from all time periods.”

Barakat Seoul is delighted to present , a solo exhibition by Fayez Barakat, as its first contemporary exhibition. Displaying under the same roof paintings created by Fayez Barakat in unison with his collection of ancient art. The exhibition is charged with ancient and modern energy and delivers the possibility to explore the inherent power in objects, and to discover the connection between human instincts and the passion for collecting.

The Barakat Gallery is situated in the Sogyeok-dong art district, next to Gyeongbokgung Palace that houses the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea. It aims to become a beacon among other galleries representative of the contemporary art scene in Korea.

The Gallery is stylishly arranged in a building complex measuring a total area of 870m² distributed on four floors, and consists of an exhibition space hosting ancient art as well as a separate space dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions. A fresh perspective that presents creative values by bringing together the long history of the Barakat Gallery with contemporary art, Barakat Seoul proudly presents an exhibition with new and dynamic methods of collecting in Korea.

Barakat Seoul also encourages viewers to discover points of connection between ancient and contemporary art, as well as presenting a stunning array of multi-faceted narratives and experiences.

Fayez Barakat, President of Barakat Inc., said, “Korea is a country with a significant history and a dynamic future. Art and culture are quickly becoming part of an integrated, sophisticated lifestyle… it’s a country that exercises a powerful influence not only over Asia but all over the world.” To which he also added: “Barakat Seoul will establish a strategic bridge towards the Asian Market, aiming to significantly contribute a number of research activities relative to ancient art as well as to the development of the arts and culture in Korea overall.”

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