Beverly Hills

**As of March 2018 the Rodeo Drive location is closed.  All items and inventory has been moved to the new West Hollywood location.

The International annex of the Barakat Gallery has been located in Beverly Hills, California for over 3 decades. Amidst the sunny skies, palm trees, and world-renowned fashion houses on Rodeo Drive, sits the Barakat Gallery with its stunning array of ancient treasures. When strolling through the immaculate Beverly Hills showroom, one will find themselves traveling from continent to continent, from era to era, in a matter of steps. Ancient marbles of Greek and Roman gods stand majestically opposed to African bronzes depicting kings and captives. Egyptian Sarcophagus lids quietly frame the mysterious stares of equally impressive ancient Olmec Jade masks. The walls are adorned with dazzling Gold covered Russian Icons and the shelves are full of stunning painted vases from Greek, Chinese, and Islamic workshops thousands of years old. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, the Beverly Hills showroom also features a dizzying array of wearable art in the form of ancient jewelry… everything from Intaglios of Carnelian to Diamond studded Gold necklaces featuring portraits of Emperors and Queens from long ago. The Barakat Collection attests not only to the timeless beauty and skillful craftsmanship of ancient artists but also to the seemingly limitless diversity of forms and subjects found across the globe.