Abu Dhabi

The Barakat Gallery has been located in the Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi for just under a decade now. Lining the long halls of the Palace lobby are countless display cases featuring priceless treasures from every corner of the globe. In an environment such as this, one that is truly befitting such magnificent objects, these artifacts shine with resplendent brilliance, and take on a life of their own. Luminescent jewels of ancient glass sparkle vividly amongst twinkling lights and mirror like floors. Ancient Roman marbles stand proudly flanked by auspicious tomb guardians from Ancient China… all the while Chinesco seated dignitaries calmly survey the lavish scene before them. The Emirates Gallery is where you can find what is perhaps the most significant portion of the spectacular Greek Vase Collection in the Barakat Gallery. Stunning masterpieces in both Red Figure and Black Figure style can be found here in large number, and in every style from delicately adorned kylix, to voluminous column and bell kraters. Along with all this, a stroll into the heart of the gallery leads one to a glorious 5 foot Mandalay Marble Sculpture of the Reclining Buddha surrounded on all sides with Egyptian, Chinese, and South Asian masterworks in a variety of media. The Barakat Gallery Emirates Palace is like nothing else on earth… part museum, part Palace, part Resort, and part Showroom… it conveys an unrivaled experience of both luxury and elegance wrapped in ancient mystery.

Please note the Barakat Gallery UAE location has recently moved to Seoul Korea:
58-4, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu
Phone: coming soon
Email: contact@barakatgallery.com